Our Story

Hi, my name is Taylor (Pics at the bottom)

All humans are welcome to my store...and aliens too if they see this somehow. Zero room for discrimination is my point.

Was sitting in my living room one Saturday morning watching English Premier League Soccer. Had a moment where I realized how passionate about soccer I really was/am. I immediately thought to myself, "man, my soul is basically a soccer ball".  I realized that soccer is something I could talk about for hours; it energizes me.  I started thinking about how we are all passionate about something.  For me, it is soccer. I play soccer, I watch soccer, and I coach soccer.  For you, it could be cats, gardening, the beach, music, or a certain TV show. That is how this company started.  I want to connect peoples' inner essence to their outer effervescence so that they can be their most authentic self while floating through the Milky Way on a space rock named Earth.

My ultimate goal is to use a portion of sales to progress soccer infrastructure in the United States. To provide opportunities for people to play soccer to those who would normally be excluded due to financial situation.  Everyone should be able to play soccer, regardless of income limitations. 

One thing you can be confident about is that you are in good hands if you decide to trust me with your clothing purchases.  Stellar customer service is my other passion.  

I am a military veteran, have a wonderful wife and two incredible children, one dog named Sammy, and a rescue-cat named Mark.  Mark is sitting with me right now.

If you buy something from my site, THANK YOU!!  

Feel free to send me an email to say hi and tell me what you are passionate about.  soulconnectionapparel@gmail.com